Irina Accelerator: More than 4 years serving startups and carrying projects.

We contribute to the sustainability of startups and companies so that they can brave the difficulties associated with entrepreneurship and survive over time.

About Us

Irina Accelerator is a structure that works to provide young people with a physical and virtual space/environment in which ideas, projects and start-ups founded with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions or pollution, minimizing waste or protect the planet's ecosystems

Our vision

Create an environment (space) - virtual and physical - that provides feedback and advice on green technology, as well as the business concept of this same field. These spaces are collaborative workspaces where engineers and creative problem solvers can help you pivot an idea or break down a good idea to rebuild it into something.

Our services

We provide you with several services in various fields.


Our spaces at your disposal

We provide you with workspaces allowing you to better organize your work in a clean and friendly environment.

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